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Old School vs. New School Training

To see this article in the New England Baseball Journal, click on the image below.  

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Lesson Learned From The World Series

Lessons Learned from the 2016 World Series People Don’t Plan To Fail, They Fail To Plan. In 2001 I met Theo Epstein at an event and had a one on one talk with him for about 15 minutes.  I never met someone so sure of himself and his path as Theo.  Not cocky, just as […]

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My Pitching Absolutes

A good head coaching friend of mine recently called me to see if I could mentor his new, young pitching coach.  So while I invited him to have lunch and watch a practice, I also put together this document. COACH MAZZ’S NOTE:  THERE ARE ABOUT 4 OR SO CURSES IN THIS DOCUMENT.  My Pitching Absolutes […]

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Coach Mazz To Present @ Inside Baseball Coaches Clinic

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Why baseball player development is on the decline, and why very few realize it

This is not my article (Brian Hamm wrote it), but something I agree with 100% Baseball is America’s pastime. Every spring and summer millions of kids around the world lace up their cleats, go to their little league games, and dream of becoming the next Derek Jeter. They watch games every night and idolize these […]

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No-Mah, Don’t Know Much.

Okay, I am aware that Nomar Garciaparra was both a great player and is a great person.  Granted the current Sox fans only have Mookie Betts on the brain, but back in the day, Nomar was one of the best in the game. However, twice in the recent past I have heard him speak, once […]

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